Pick your own journey with my little help

Pick your own journey with my little help

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Me at Mt ReinierThank you for taking the time to browse the Once Upon a Photo website – Trail Guide & Photo Gallery. The purpose of this part is to give you the insights and share the knowledge about the places I visited, and the trails I hiked. As a rule, before I go anywhere, I do a thorough research in order to make sure that the places I am about to visit are worthwhile indeed. I look for thorough descriptions of the trails, I check the maps, and photos from different sources in order to make sure I will make the best of my trip. And yes, this is time consuming.

There are a lot of trail descriptions online, but often they are not accompanied by sufficient number of photos, while some are not thorough enough.This is where my blog comes in handy. If you don’t want to spend hours searching on the net in order to decide which hike to pick in the park/ area I happened to visit, just read on and take advantage of my hiking experiences.

I offer you both, sufficient description of the trails, my subjective opinion about them, and lots of photos. Thanks to that, you will be better equipped before your trip, and quite sure what to expect from your excursions.


I live in Canada, so I am covering mostly North America’s daily hikes here. I choose to hike in Canadian and US parks not because they are close, but because I find them untouched, pristine and extremely visually appealing. The trails I am presenting here are already carefully selected by me, so I can ensure you that if you do happen to include them in your itinerary, you will sure enjoy them.

And as always remember to have fun at all times, and collect as many true visual treasures as possible, and keep me posted about the updates on any of the hikes described (contact@onceuponaphoto.ca).


One more thing, if you want to check more hike descriptions, go to Select your daily hike. Many more hikes to come.

So off we go!

Glacier National Park & Me


All images in this blog ‘OnceUponAPhoto’ are the sole property of the OnceUponAPhoto, and may not be used without express written permission.


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Once Upon A Photo tells a story about the pictures our life and beautiful planet paints for us daily, captured in time by attentive eyes... and then published here. I all goes back to my childhood when my father introduced me to the old Zenit camera. From that very moment I knew that the camera would be my constant companion in life. I started developing pictures in the darkroom and loved every minute of those long hours spent there. Soon after I switched to digital photography, and never looked back. To this very day, even with more advanced technology, nothing comes close to the feeling I get when I hold my camera. I am still the same curious, watchful, intuitive child ready to be surprised by the depth and meaning of the world around us. My intention is not to disturb it, but capture it in its purest and untouched form, in order to reveal its true beauty. As a landscape, travel, still life, urban, and portrait photographer, my mission is to have you as the visual reader who, chapter-by-chapter, discovers and appreciates the latest stories caught in my frames.

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